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I initially bought the Studyfinder domains for a project in 2003 but they where never used.

A great domain is always the first to consider when launching a new business

The same goes off course if you are after to create sub domain pages or simply want to secure a good domain for future use. There are many URL's but only a certain numbers of the highly sought after .com

The content of a home page is obviusly the most important item on your business list however this takes long time to create and whilst doing so a great domain is a swift way to ensure that you are doing better in organic search. 

Further domains

Whilst developing this page I bought a few more .com domains that are available:






Appart from being state specific they may serve student finder plattform rather well!


Even this is a domain is for sale and is a .com 

Perfect for colleges and all types of programs  in need of more exposure. One may even use this for certificate programme or universities!

If you dont already have a domain provider I can highly recommend godaddy.

Whilst I am not affiliated with Go Daddy in any shape or form they have been my main go to guy for the few domains and emails I used over the years.  

College California university california


I ❤️ LA

During my years in USA I came to spend a lot of time in both Los angeles henceforth referred to as LA and New york with some other stops including San Francisco. 

But... LA was really the place that cought my heart. I will bring the family back there again and as well as New york I cannot see a better place for students to be then any of the great cities of California. Riverside, Huntington beach Santa Monica. I had a great time there and I know that out of state students as well as international students should have enjoy the same.

Whilst swiftly setting up a page to sell my domains study finder .com and .org I realised that there are a few great domains that I can either  keep or sell. In the end I opted to sell them as well.

You can therfore purchase college-california and university Colifornia both as .com, together or separate.

Recruiting out of state students or international students

For both state schools and private colleges, universities this has been an important part of the student population for the past 50 years! 

Many greate tallents has gone through booth the university of california, UC, where UC Berkley and several others ranks as top destinations. The same goes for California state university, CAL, and lets not forget the College system where Santa Monica college is one of the top raning choices for international students.

And... There are thousands of amazing private colleges and certificate programs that you can attract students to!

University California has one of the worlds oldest domain

As this is domain even pre-dates internet as we know it it is obvius that its a great domain. However, its locked to one specific university system. The California wide UC system. 

For student recruiters whishing to reach out to students to all universities in either the CAL or UC system or private Schools this domain with a great level of content could be a clear winner!

Fun fact, you search on and comes up as registered 1970 more then 20 years before internets existance. This is due to UC Californias early work with arpanet.

certificate programs


Why the domain usefull

Towards the end of 1990's Certificate programs saw an increase in application as both USA and UK 30 year development from labour to service and skilled labour.

As not everyone are keen on going to college or universities for a three, four or even five year degree with all associated student loans, parents paying etc. Certificate programs was seen as a way forward.

This is why certificate-programs in .com format is a great way to recruit students for all sorts of programs, may it be accounting, plumbing or perhaps hairdresser.

Whilst the industry have been faced with some problem in the past its now looking to be one of the most important education tools available!



As a former student recruiter I see this as a must have!

Few domains should be as usefull as the one I have for sale: 

Whilst the original was bought back in 2005 and was initially booked back in 1997 I have this greate domain available for London based language schools and all other colleges. 

My UK -US life journey started of at language school in High gate! It was great! I later took a certificate programme and it was as with most schools in London called College. 

If its a language school, certificate, higher education it still seams to be that for London. The word college is a given and hence should college London with .com ending be the next best thing!

Recruiting international students to London

With a few thousand language schools and other colleges recruiting to your particular college must be close to a nightmare sometimes. 

Use a good domain or two, ad loads of content and it should certainly give you an edge!

Recruit students to London colleges

Receiveing high quality leads for your student recruitment campaign is sometimes easier said then done and with all the programs available to future students in London a good way to reach them should be with a great domain and off course relevant content.

College New York University New York


Student recruitment for the great state of new york!


These are two great domains if you are recruting students for colleges, schools and universities in New York. 

New york is an amazing city to live and work in, I know, Used to work there in the early 2000.

   And many students are well aware of this however the competition is hard.... VERY hard and anything you can do as a recruiter or if you work on enrollment or perhaps the international student office in order to find more student these or indeed my main domain: studyfinder can be a part of taking you a bit further. Perhaps enroll two or three more students per year!

Domains available

I decided to sell both my student recruitment for New York domains, College-newyork and university new york. Both are off course as .com as this is the only domains that will count!

Advertising for student recruitment

Reaching out to students through advertising is expensive and to some degree not always effective. Great content writing together with good domains is always an important step.

New york is and have always been a top destination for students looking to their MBA. I personaly looked at Colombia university at the time bit with so many great choices one needs to do everything to ensure that students find your program! 

Schools, colleges, certifcate programs & universities

Dedicated student recruiters

Is great but ever so expensive. A great domain can helt you a long way whilst you are updating your home page content. 

Finding the students you need

High quality leeds, well sourced student recruitment leads are easier said then done. But it can be done! I can give some advice!

People or companies interested in using these domains for frauds.

During all those years I worked with student recruitment in USA and England I made a great number of friends in the industry.

I therefore take a personal interest that none of my domains are being sold for any type of fraudelent use. 

They are greate tools toghether with respectable content to reach out to the students recruiters and enrollment offices are looking for.

Please do not contact me if you are not an existing recruitment company, publications, online and paper or an actual college or universities. 

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